Q&A: Health and Health food – 3rd Pine Pollen and Vitamins series

1.What effects do the vitamins in Guozhen Pine Pollen has on the body?
The term of vitamin, meaning the element to preserve life, was first put forward by FUNK in 1912. Through constant researching, over 20 kinds of vitamins have been found out to be essential to the body. Vitamin can be divided into water-soluble vitamin (vitamin B family and vitamin C) and fat-soluble vitamin (vitamin A, β-carotene, vitamin D, vitamin E and vitamin K). Vitamin is an organic compound essential for maintaining the natural physiological functions of the body. They can not be synthesized in the body (or little is synthesized) and must be taken from the food. Each kind of vitamin has its own physiological function and can not be substituted. The body needs quite a small amount of them but they are absolutely indispensable. The vitamins in the pine pollen exist in a biologically natural form in the cells, with full bioactivity and good absorptivity. They work together in the body. For example, vitamin A, C and E protect one another from being oxidized, and best effect will be obtained when they supplement each other; Vitamin B, B2 and B6 must be supplemented in the proportion of 1:1:1; Vitamin E and selenium supplement each other; Vitamin C can help the absorption of iron; Vitamin D helps the absorption of calcium. The absorption of the nutrients is a complicated process and more absorption does not mean better effect.

Contents and functions of vitamins in Guozhen Pine Pollen
Fat-soluble Vitamin Vitamin Content(μg/l00g) Functions
Vitamin A 43. 2 It promotes growth, builds up health, protects the scarfskin tissues, prevents and cures xerophthalmia and helps the calcification of the bones; accelerates the rebirth of cells, and has a remarkable effect on reproduction, blood-generating and trauma-curing.
Vitamin D3 22. 8 It is also called cholecalciferol and is an essential element for the growth of bones. It can promote the calcium deposition into osseous tissue. Vitamin D deficiency of children can cause rickets, and for adults, especially the pregnant women, it causes osteomalacia. 7- dehydrocholesterol in the body will transform into vitamin D3 when exposed to the sun.
Vitamin E 3240 It prevents unsaturated fatty acids from being oxidized, protects the cells and maintains the normal growth of them. It promotes the growth of hair, resists sterility disease, cures nervous and muscular diseases and scavenges free radicals. Vitamin E deficiency will shorten the life of red blood cells.
β-carotene 26. 0 It is transformed into vitamin A by enzyme. Among the absorbed carotene, only one sixth will be utilized. Adequate intake may enhance resistance to cancer, while excessive intake may induce cancer. It can also reduce the incidence of cardiovascular diseases and cataract.
Water-soluble Vitamin
Vitamin B1 6070 It promotes the growth, whets the appetite, prevents and cures beriberi, promotes milk secretion, prevents cardiomegalia, promotes the oxidation of carbohydrate and prevents or treats constipation and coarse skin.
Vitamin B2 486 Vitamin B2, i.e., lactoflavin, will be destroyed if exposed to the sun or cooked for a long time. Vitamin B2 deficiency can cause angular stomatitis, male scrotitis and congestion of canthus or even induce cataract, glossitis and splits in ear and nose.
Nicotinic Acid 14230 It is also called niacin and has a good stability. It prevents and cures pellagra and has a good effect on curing skin, digestive, nervous and muscular diseases.
Vitamin B6 1300 It promotes growth, prevents anemia, detoxifies and clears up the pregnant women’s early discomfort caused by pregnancy. Vitamin B6 deficiency will cause coarse skin, neuroticism, insomnia, anemia, measles and skin infection.
Vitamin M 934 It is also called folic acid and has a good effect on anemia treatment.
Vitamin C 56200 It has a good effect on scurvy treatment, gingivitis and bleeding, etc. it can also beautify the skin and scavenge free radicals.


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