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Q&A: Health and Health Food – 11th Ginseng and Bamboo Tea Health Food Series

1. What roles does Ginseng Essence play in healthcare?

With pine pollen and ginsengoside as the main ingredients, Ginseng Essence is developed as a health food containing functional elements through modern biotechnologies. Among the functional elements, total ginsenosides and flavonoids exceed 2000 mg/100g and 300 mg/100g, respectively.

Modern researches have shown that ginseng has the effect of anticancer and cancer prevention, and the total ginsenosides can restrain the growth of cancer cells. Based on the results of medical researches, Ginseng Essence was successfully developed by combining refined pine pollen with ginseng extract, taking the advantage of their synergistic effect. Ginseng Essence has been confirmed by animal tests to have effect on enhancing immunity and disease-resistance.

Target Group:

1. For sub-healthy people to improve their constitution;

2. For those with weak constitution, enervation and poor appetite;

3. For those easy to get fatigued and easy to catch cold due to lowered immunity;

4. For those in the recovery stage after severe illness;

5. For physical recovery after post-surgery radiotherapy, chemotherapy.


1-2 times daily, half an hour before breakfast and dinner, 1-3 pills each time, take it with lukewarm water and be sure to have more water.

Group not targeted: Children and pregnant women.

2. What are the target groups of Ginseng Essence?

(1) Sub-health group, for overall improvement of their body condition;

(2)  Individuals suffering neurasthenia and hypomnesis;

(3)  Brain workers and heavy manual workers;

(4) The sick, the weak and persons in convalescent stage after illness;

(5) The middle and old-aged people, for daily healthcare and recuperation.

3. What are the features of Bamboo Green Tea?

Bamboo Green Tea is made with high-grade green tea, Herba Gynostemmatis Pentaphylli, bamboo leaves, lotus leaf, lotus plumule through advanced techniques. A taste will bring delicate fragrance and marvelous aftertaste. The tea is well applied in heat-removing, thirst relieving, mind clearing and refreshing. It serves as a perfect natural healthcare drink.

The green tea is a drink most widely enjoyed by ancient Chinese people, and it is also considered as the “Medicine for all illnesses”. Green tea is abundant in nutrimental and bioactive substances like tea polyphenols, various trace elements, vitamins, etc. As a natural drink, green tea has been integrated into the lives of modern people, and is considered to be an absolutely necessary drink for cooling, removing heat, curing flu, resisting radiation, and prolonging life.

The theanine and catechin contained in green tea can improve blood flow, and has certain effects on preventing obesity, cerebral stroke and heart diseases. Researchers in the U.S. note that, after taking high-fat diets, sclerosis of blood vessel will emerge. But, taking green tea during or after meals will soften blood vessel and improve blood circulation. Meanwhile, catechin in green tea has strong effects against free radicals and can help prevent and treat cancers. Research by the Japanese Vegetable and Tea Industry Research Institute shows that green tea can prevent the growth and proliferation of cancer cells, it can also guard against cancer cell metastasis.

Herbal Gynostemmatis Pentaphylli is nontoxic and contains various nourishing ingredients, which can lower blood lipid and blood pressure, increase coronary and cerebral blood flow, and improve the immunity of organism. It is therefore used for the prevention and treatment of arteriosclerosis, coronary heart disease, hypertension, obesity, cancers and chronic/acute hepatitis. Bamboo leaves can clear away heat, relieve restlessness and promote urination. It therefore can be used against restlessness and thirst due to febrile diseases, stranguria, and ulcers in the mouth and on the tongue. Lotus leaves are bitter in taste and fragrant in smell, and can be used to clear away and relieve summer-heat, eliminate wetness and stop diarrhea; lotus plumule can clear away heart-heat, soothe the nerves and lower the blood pressure, daily use of it can appease anger and bring people a joyous mood. With so many ingredients, Bamboo Green Tea boasts its function of clearing heat-evil, cooling down, lowering blood lipid and blood pressure, eliminating free radicals and improving the immunity. It can also provide other healthcare functions like weight-losing and cancer-cure.


Bamboo Green Tea is particularly suitable for those with high blood lipid and high blood pressure and adiposity to enjoy in summer days.


Put the tea bag in a cup and add boiling water at about 85°C.

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Q&A: Health and Health food – 9th Pine Pollen Care series

1. What are the difference and similarity between Pine Pollen Powder and Pine Pollen (tablet) ?


(1) Different ingredients: Pine Pollen Powder contains 100% pure pollen, while the tablet contains pine pollen and a small amount of excipient.

(2) Different dosage forms: one is powder and the other is tablet.


The main ingredient of these two products is the same, and their efficacies are almost the same.

2. How to take Pine Pollen Powder to obtain the best effect?

A. After the bottle containing Pine Pollen Powder is opened, the time of administration should not be too long to avoid oxidation. It can be stored in a refrigerator if in a moist and hot climate in the south.

B.  It can be mixed in lukewarm water, milk or porridge before taking, but the temperature of such liquids should not be too high to degrade its active ingredients.

C.  Following the dosage and administration recommended in the Directions for Use will give better effect.

3. Can Pine Pollen Powder be used externally? If yes, what are its effects?

A. As pine pollen is hygroscopic and its nourishing ingredients can arrest discharge and subdue inflammation in the affected site, it can be used as a skincare and a toilet powder for babies and used in the prevention and treatment of eczema and diaper rash in babies.

B. Clinical experiments have proved that pine pollen, through oral administration and topical application, has very good preventive and regulatory effects in patients with bedsores due to prolonged bed rest.

C.  It also has good effect on skin pruritus in the elderly people.

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Q&A: Health and Health food – 8th Pine Pollen & Lophatherum Essence series

Q&A: Health and Health food – 8th Pine Pollen & Lophatherum Essence series

1. Will dependence on Guozhen Pine Pollen and Lophatherum Essence be created?

In daily life, dependence refers to an impossible separation and abandonment of some medicine and addictions, such as alcohol, Nicotine, sleeping pills, cathartic and anodyne, which is a kind of dependence on something caused by people’s bad life styles or diseases.

Pine Pollen and Lophatherum Essence can meet the daily need for nutrients, which is a necessity for daily life and like meals, water, fruits and vegetables without any “dependence”.

2. Can Guozhen Pine Pollen and Lophatherum Essence help lose weight?

There is an internal cause and external cause for obesity. The internal cause is: a connection with genetic genes with a hereditary tendency confirmed by many researches. The external cause is: an accumulation of fat in the body caused by nutrient imbalance resulted from unbalanced diet, bad living styles and lack of physical exercises and the maladjustment of the digestive system and endocrine system. Obesity is followed by laziness, which consequently creates a vicious circle. It is a disease of living styles as well as a metabolic syndrome.

Guozhen Pine Pollen can provide well-balanced nutrients with low energy, high mineral, and natural edible fiber in nutrition control whereas Guozhen Lophatherum Essence can effectively diminish fat accumulation by regulating fat metabolism with flavone.
Weight losing is a complicated matter and systematic project that can only be successfully treated with scientific approaches earnestly and persistently.

There are evaluation criteria for weight-loss, and more weight loss is not necessarily associated with better effect.

3. Is there any hormone in Guozhen Pine Pollen and Lophatherum Essence?

Guozhen Pine Pollen and Lophatherum Essence are health foods without any animal hormone, insect hormone, dope and toxic side-effects.

Hormones are a kind of organic substance synthesized and secreted by certain idiosyncratic cells of animals and plants which can effectively regulate physiological activities. Animal hormones are chemical substances for signal transmission in the body whose role is to regulate the physiological functions (metabolism, growth, development and reproduction) in the body and maintain the relative stability of the body environment.

Plant hormones are natural organic compounds that can regulate plant growth and belong to the steroid or simple organic acid family. Despite the use of “hormone”, they differ greatly from animal hormone in terms of the origin, biological synthesis, transmission process and effects in that it is just a growth factor for plants without any negative effect on the body.

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Q&A: Blood and Heart Companion – 6th Lophatherum Essence series

1. What are the features of Guozhen Lophatherum Essence?
Guozhen Lophatherum Essence is made with delicate technique, which produces distinct functional components with high purity. With high stability and hydrophilicity, it can penetrate into the affected parts and work directly, safely, effectively with no toxic side effect. With no hormone and anti-nutrient elements contained, it also does no harm to liver and kidney functions, blood, routine urine test and blood sugar. With bamboo fragrance and easy edibility, it has healthcare functions such as freeing the mind, removing heat, eliminating toxin, promoting urination, protecting the heart, brain and blood vessel and improving immunity.

2. Whom is Guozhen Lophatherum Essence good for?

(1) People with high blood lipid and pressure and mild fatty liver;

(2) The young and middle-aged as an anti-oxidant to delay aging;

(3) The obese;

(4) The middle-aged and elderly as a prevention or supportive therapy for cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases;

(5) The high-risk groups with the family history of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases;

Guozhen Lophatherum Essence is inedible to:

(1) Children;

(2) It should be used with care for those prone to haemorrhage,

(3) It should be used with care for those with gastritis, gastric and duodenum ulcer and those with constant cold stomach disorders
and a weak constitution.

3. What are the main ingredients of Guozhen Lophatherum Essence?

The main functional components are: bamboo leaf flavone, coumarin lactone, biological active amylase and phenolic acid.

4. What are the beneficial effects of Guozhen Lophatherum Essence?

According to scientific studies, the flavone in the body has functions such as: eliminating fatigue, protecting blood vessel and preventing arteriosclerosis, dilating capillary vessel, improving microcirculation, myocardium anemia, activating the brain and organic cells, inhibiting lipid oxidation, scavenging oxidative free radical and delaying aging. The main functions of Lophatherum Essence are:

(1) Reduction of blood lipid and cholesterol. The molecule standard research has proved the bamboo leaf flavone’ prevention of the oxidation of the serum low density lipoprotein cholesterol.

(2) A good protection of the cardiovascular and cerebrovascular organs.

(3) An interaction of nitrosation reaction.

(4) Anti-radioactivity and protection against tumors.

(5) Regulation of immunity. The immunity-regulating effect will be realized by the promotion of the cellular immunity and the phagocytic activity of multi-phagocytes.

5. What are the beneficial effects of Guozhen Lophatherum Essence on the heart, brain and blood vessels?

Guozhen Lophatherum Essence’s protective functions on the heart, brain and blood vessels are demonstrated by: acting as an antagonist against free radicals, controlling lipid peroxidation, improving the activity of the endogenous anti-oxidation enzyme, lowering blood lipid and blood cholesterol, dilating coronary blood vessels and increasing the flow of coronary blood, improving the myocardial ischemia and narrowing myocardial infarct, controlling the coagulation process and reducing the blood platelet congregation with a protective function of myocardial and cerebral ischemia.

6. How can Guozhen Lophatherum Essence regulate blood lipid?

The mechanism of Guozhen Lophatherum Essence’s regulation of lipidemia is to promote the lipid metabolism, prevent the oxidation of low density lipoprotein and increase the content of high density lipoprotein.

Bamboo leaf flavones’ prevention of the oxidation of low density lipoprotein cholesterol in the blood has been confirmed by research.
Animal experiments have confirmed that bamboo leaf flavone can greatly decrease the density of the rat’s TC and TG as well as increase high density lipoprotein cholesterol and decrease low density lipoprotein cholesterol. The healthcare function of bamboo leaf flavone is also confirmed by clinical experiments conducted by Shanghai First People’s Hospital 12 weeks after it is taken.
Meanwhile, it has a protective therapeutic effect on diseases such as dizziness, headache, insomnia, breast anomalies, nervousness and body numbness caused by hyperlipidemia, coronary heart disease, high blood pressure, cerebral thrombosis, etc.

7. How can Guozhen Lophatherum Essence have an anti-aging effect?

The decline of the biological system caused by the reaction of free radicals is illuminated by more and more facts since the theory on free radical-caused aging was put forward by Harman in 1954. Oxygen free radicals are produced by the cells breathing, which produces a toxic effect on them. Therefore, the constant reaction of free radicals in cells and tissues may be the main cause of aging. Bamboo leaf flavone’s high performance against free radicals is the basis of its anti-aging effect.

8. What is the mechanism of Guozhen Lophatherum Essence in alleviating cough and removing phlegm, heat and toxic materials?

Cough is a defensive reaction caused by the stimulation of foreign substances or secretion in the respiratory tract. When organs such as the nasal cavity, pharynx, and the bronchial wall are stimulated, the nerve impulse is transmitted through the vagus nerve to the central cough center whose nerve impulse is transmitted through vagus nerve and motor nerve to the smooth muscle, respiratory muscle and laryngitic muscle after it is excited, which consequently causes cough. Bamboo leaf flavone’s removal of cough and phlegm is shown:

(1) as preparations for the mucous blood vessel’s contraction and the tracheal smooth muscle’s relaxation,

(2) to reduce sputum viscosity and encourage it to be coughed out,

(3) to restrain pathogenic bacteria of chronic pharyngitis effectively, thus arresting cough without any addiction.
Bamboo leaf flavone’s heat-removing and detoxification effect is closely connected with its protection against free radicals, oxidation, bacteria, virus and inflammation and improvement of immunity. Its detoxification effect has been confirmed by its prolongation of the life of the white mouse poisoned with sodium nitrite, potassium cyanide and lidocaine, respectively, through experiments.

9. Why does Guozhen Lophatherum Essence have an anti-inflammatory effect?

Inflammation in the body, as an extraordinarily common and important basic pathological process, is mainly a defensive organic reaction brought on by different kinds of inflammation-inducing genes which cause partial organic transformation, effusion and cellular hyperplasia. Its elimination is decided by the interaction between one’s capacity against diseases and inflammation-inducing genes. The surplus free radicals in the body will damage cells and tissues and stimulate the release inflammation-inducing genes. Bamboo leaf flavone can scavenge free radicals and control and eliminate inflammation. Long-term administration of Lophatherum Essence can improve one’s immunity and prevent inflammation.

10. What antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects of Guozhen Lophatherum Essence and its inhibitory effect on hyperplasia of prostate?

Inflammation in the body is a common but important pathologic process and a defense-based histologic reaction during which the action of various inflammation-causing factors on the organism causes degeneration and exudation of the tissues as well as proliferation of tissue cells. Removal of inflammations depends on the interaction between the body’s capacity against diseases and the inflammation-causing factors. Excess free radicals in the body can damage cells and tissues, and trigger the body to release various inflammation-causing factors. EOB-f can remove free radicals effectively and inhibit and diminish inflammations. Chronic use of Guozhen Lophatherum Essence can enhance immunity and prevent inflammations.
Guozhen Lophatherum Essence has certain inhibitory effect on the seven common pathogenic bacteria in the urinary system. Meanwhile, it has explicit effect on inflammations in the accessory lobe of prostate and explicit inhibitory effect on the hyperplasia of prostate. As it can reduce fever and cause diruesis, it provides a non-medication choice for patients suffering prostatitis and hyperplasia of prostate.

11. What is the immunoregulatory effect of Guozhen Lophatherum Essence on the body?

The immunity is enhanced by promoting the immunologic functions of the body fluid and the tissues as well as the phagocytic activity of the macrophage.

12. How may Guozhen Lophatherum Essence benefit health through the inhibition of nitrosification?

The effect of Guozhen Lophatherum Essence’s prevention of nitrous reaction on health is: to prevent the formation of highly oncogenic N-nitrosamine in the body and diminish the occurrence of tumors in the liver, kidney, bladder and digestive tract. Its working mechanism is related to its activity of eliminating free radicals.

The use of antioxidant in the production of meat products can partially replace chromogenic reagents (nitrate and nitrite), diminish nitrite remains, and inhibit the synthesis of N-nitrosamine.

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