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Q&A: Health and Health Food – 13th Lycopene Health Food Series

1. What are the features and benefits of lycopene?

(1) The material for lycopene extraction is from China Xinjiang province, where the water and soil are unpolluted and the sunshine is splendid. Being the best tomato planting farmland in Asia, this area produces tomatoes with a lycopene level significantly higher than the average in the world.

(2) Postpone aging and prolong life.

(3) Anticancer function. Prevents cancerization, assists the treatment of cancer.

(4) Improve immunity, regulating sub healthy conditions; prevent cardiovascular and verebrol vascular diseases; improve arteriosclerosis, high blood pressure and lipid, insufficient cerebral blood supply and aging of skin.

(5) Assist the treatment of prostates.

2. How much lycopene should be taken daily by an adult? How much lycopene is contained in one tablet of Lycopene Soft Capsule?

Generally, 5-12mg lycopene supplement is required for normal physiological functions of the body. Each tablet of Lycopene Soft Capsule contains more than 6mg of lycopene.

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