Q&A: Health and Health Food – 4th Pine Pollen effect series

1. What is “dual regulation”? Give some examples.
The so-called dual regulation refers to the effect that one stimulus or medicine has on different persons or different states of one person, that is, the resumption to the normal functions from the hyperactivated and hypoactivated states through the self regulating mechanism. It can be exemplified by the resumption of normal conditions of one person’s constipation and the other’s diarrhea after taking pine pollen under the body’s internal regulation.

2. What is the mechanism of Guozhen Pine Pollen’s regulation and alleviation of diseases?

According to western medical theory, clinical diseases are mainly divided into two groups: one is the imbalance of nutrients and the other is the infection of microorganism such as bacteria or pathogens. The over 200 nutrients that the body needs in pine pollen can regulate diseases caused by nutrient imbalance and nutrient surplus. In addition, it can regulate the body’s immunity and resistance against diseases, which will greatly reduce the occurrence of diseases.

According to the theory of Chinese medicine, diseases of the body are caused by the lack of kidney energy and the imbalance between Yin and Yang. Pine pollen, as the essence of pine trees, namely the spermoblasts of the pine trees, can supplement energy for kidneys and activate it. Full energy in kidneys –one’s congenital basis, produces full vigor in one’s body, which creates the harmony among the five internal organs, exuberance of energy and blood and the balance between Yin and Yang, which can consolidate the basis and breed vigor. Keeping health means to maintain a balance, and balance creates health.

3. How does Guozhen Pine Pollen improve anemia?

Anemia, one of the four most common nutrient diseases in the world, is brought out by many causes, or is a common symptom and syndrome accompanying different diseases.

There are different kinds of anemia brought out by different causes. Most of it can be improved to certain extent with the removal of the primary causes of diseases and the remedy of the primary diseases. Many kinds of anemia can be remedied and some of them can be prevented according to the causes, such as nutrient anemia and iron-deficiency anemia. Pine pollen can increase hematogenous materials by providing balanced hematogenous substance such as iron, copper, magnesium, potassium, vitamin B, the folic acid and regulating the absorption of iron through copper. The nutrient deficiency anemia can be improved by supplementing balanced nutrients in pine pollen.

4. Why Guozhen Pine Pollen can alleviate constipation?

All the metabolic byproducts (containing a lot of toxicants) are excreted from the body through three systems (skin, urinary system and digestive system). Food residue produced after the nutrients are absorbed exits the body through the anus after moving all the way through the intestines, which zigzag in the abdominal cavity with a length of 7 people’s height. During this process, feces are usually not execreted smoothly with its great adhesiveness and will constantly produce harmful waste. If feces are not excreted from the body in time, they will be reabsorbed by intestines, causing great harm to health. In clinical practice, constipation means the infrequent passage of stool (<3 times weekly) or difficulty in defecation, with straining or discomfort. 10%of the patients with severe constipation are recta cancer patients; Hence, it is called “the origin of all diseases”. A famous doctor in ancient China said,”regular cleansing of intestines creates longevity”. The mechanism of pine pollen in alleviating constipation is:

(1) The vitamins in pine pollen, especially Vitamin B family helps normal secretion of gastric juice and keep the digestive system in good conditions, which helps the digestion and absorption of food .

(2) The natural enzyme in pine pollen can promote the vermiculation of the intestines and stomach and the secretion of natural lactic acid, which helps ease defecation.

(3) Pine pollen is rich in fibers, which can accelerate the evacuation of stool by promoting the massive reproduction of good bacteria in large intestines; at the same time, fiber’s absorption of a great deal of water in intestines helps soften stool, and ease defecation.
To sum up, pine pollen can alleviate all kinds of constipation effectively and safely, but it should be taken with large amount of water so as to facilitate the excretion of wastes from the body. Constant and severe constipation patients should take physical examination to exclude the possibility of organic pathological changes.

5. Now that pine pollen can promote appetite, will it lead to obesity?

Pine pollen can regulate the digestive system. The enzymes, fibrins, vitamins and such other nourishing ingredients contained in it can facilitate gastrointestinal peristalsis and the normal secretion of gastric juice and promote digestion. This is a demonstration of its functions to promote the normal functioning of the body and the organs and give better play to its healthcare effects. The action of pine pollen on appetite is relevant to the body condition of each person. Those with good appetite should control their food intake to certain degree, and advisably have high-protein, high-vitamin, low-fat and low-calorie foods, proper amounts of carbohydrates and fiber ingredients, in addition to good living habits and moderate exercises. The basic reason of obesity is that the intake of calories is greater than the consumption of calories; therefore, as long as a person pays attention to adjusting the intake of calories, pine pollen will not lead to obesity.

6. What is potential hunger? What is pine pollen’s effect on it?

“Potential hunger” refers to hunger caused by the lack of micronutrients (mineral element and vitamin). It has become the main threat for health. In the lack of micronutrients, one would not feel hungry in short term, but the cells would. This insufficiency of cellular trace elements could lead to a decrease in immunity and an imbalance of internal environment in the body. This can be showed by the children and teenagers’ absent-mindedness, slow growth, anorexia and the biased diet, anemia of adult women, excessive growth of splash, coarse skin, yellowish face and hair loss, and the middle-aged and elderly’s numb motion, spasm, having a sore waist and an aching backache, fatigue, listlessness and slow reaction.

The signs of lack of trace element could be noticed, but it is often neglected or not taken care of, which will inevitably cause different kinds of symptoms over a long period of time. It is a wrong idea that the effect of trace element is related to its amount. The best way to supplement trace element is by taking nutrient-rich food, especially natural vegetal food.

With its complete nutrients and their synergistic effect, pine pollen can promote the balance of nutrients in the body and supply the trace elements short in daily diet, especially the mineral elements and vitamins.

7. Why is it said that Guozhen Pine Pollen can postpone aging?

Aging is a comprehensive reflection of the decline in body morphology, composition, structure and function. Aging, together with death, is an inevitable natural rule, but it can be slowed down under certain circumstances. Aging is showed by a gradual decline in metabolism, manifested as metabolism maladjustment and declines in metabolic reactions. Various theories about aging, such as toxicology, genetics, immunology, endocrinology, cerebral damage theory, cellular structure alteration theory, free radical theory and crosslinking theory, are put forward by scientists in this area with different interpretations on aging, of which the free radical theory is widely accepted.

Free radicals are a series of radicals with distinct chemical properties that can cause reduced pathological changes of cellular structure and functions, accelerate the oxidation of lipid and protein, which produce lipofuscin, cause protein denaturalization, inactivate enzyme and hormone and weaken immunity. This will harm the body’s structure and function directly and indirectly and finally lead to metabolic maladjustment and the body’s decline.

Age pigment is an outward sign of destruction within the body caused by excessive free radicals, indicating the presence of aging. Free radicals are produced during breath, metabolism and consumption of oxygen. In fact, age pigment exists not only in the skin surface, but also in the tissues such as brain, heart and liver, which can accelerate the aging of histocyte and tissue immunity. Pine pollen with rich trace elements such as vitamin C, vitamin E, β-carotene and selenium can scavenge the active oxygen free radicals and their? byproducts and enhance the activity of the anti-oxidative enzymes such as SOD, inhibit lipid peroxidation, thus delay aging by delaying cellular aging, removing age pigment and preventing cell carcinomas and preventing and treating arteriosclerosis.
Aging delay does not mean permanent longevity, but the prolongation of healthy life time, reduction of family and social burdens and improvement of life quality.

8. Why is Guozhen Pine Pollen called natural beauty product?

The body is an integral entity whose largest surface organ is skin. Skin health is closely connected with visceral functions, especially the digestive function, endocrine function and immune function. 90% of skin maintenance comes from the internal body. Guozhen Pine Pollen can regulate nutrient balance and thus the balance of liver function with its balanced nutrients and various bioactive substances.

A body full of strength and vigor will be created by metabolic improvement with a balanced supplement of nutrients. Guozhen Pine Pollen produces vigorous and graceful figures and exuberant strength with the aim of promoting health, which is the best interpretation of the traditional Chinese medicine theory-the external beauty is created by the internal health.


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